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Pa Games Ltd.

Saturday 16 April 2016

Music player 1.3

Here is Music player version 1.3.To run this you would need Python2.7.x version. Other information about installation are given in detail in Read me.This aplication has been made by PA Games SSDDR(Subrata). It is Licensed under the condition that it ay be used for non-commercial purpose and if code snipets are used in any other software then attribution to PA Games SSDDR must be made.Run the file named play to run.Click on Download.
This software has been tested on windows xp/7, but Python supports it on Windows7/8/8.1, Mac OS, Linux(Ubuntu etc.) etc.You need Pygame and PyAudio to run the application.
Use the software at your own risk. Neither PA Games SSDDR nor its members are responsible for any data loss or any damage to system under any circumstance.

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